How Electrolysis Works

Electrolysis is the only proven and safe way to permanently remove hair – there is no other hair removal system that can claim to be as effective!  The FDA website on laser facts is a great place where you can start your permanent hair removal research.  CLICK HERE to visit that site!

There are 3 main types of electrolysis hair removal methods performed at NW Electrolysis:

  1. Galvanic: this is the most common type. The probe emits a galvanic current causing the salt and water in the hair follicle around the probe to be chemically altered producing lye. Lye dissolves the base of thecfollicle which causes hair growth. Galvanic electrolysis is more effective than thermolysis, although this method of hair removal takes longer than thermolysis or blend. As lye is a fluid it can reach all parts of the follicle, therefore it can effectively treat distorted and curved follicles.
  2. Thermolysis: this method works by heating the water in the skin around the probe. It is this extreme heat that preventing hair re-growth.
  3. Blend: this technique uses a combination of both thermolysis and galvanic currents. Lye is heated, so it is more effective at permanently removing hairs. This technique is more comfortable than thermolysis alone, although it takes slightly longer.

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